Private Tour Guide in Israel

private tour guide in Israel delivers a personalized itinerary for your interests, travel style, safety, budget and time frame needs. Our private Israel tour guides are licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and fluent in the client’s language whether that be English, French, Spanish, German – or any other language we promise. To allay fears of language difficulty, upon request, we set up a phone conversation between the client and prospective guide so the client can be sure there is full understanding between them.

Judy Isaacson, Holy Land ToursBesides specialties like archaeology, nature hiking, birding, kayak adventures, military operations, our private tour guide in Israel is passionate and deeply knowledgeable about Israel. You benefit from the knowledge by visiting lesser known places in addition to the sites on your personalized itinerary. Private Israel tour guides accommodate the client’s needs and adjust the schedule on the fly to make sure the needs of each member of the tour are met.

The personalized itinerary you receive from us is only a starting point for all the goodies and experiences you will encounter on your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel and the Holy Land: your guide will (pleasantly) surprise you with extra visits and experiences during your tour.

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