Fishing Sea of Galilee

Fishing Sea of Galilee

Christian Fishing Village on Sea of Galilee

On a private tour of the Holy Land, fishing Sea of Galilee in a fisherman’s boat is a precious experience.

Fishing Sea of Galilee

On a specially equipped boat that detects where the fish are hiding, join fishermen and learn how to catch St. Peter’s fish in the deep blue waters of the Sea of Galilee. Fish are caught with nets – and you learn how. Return to shore to grill your catch and taste very fresh St. Peter’s fish straight from the source – as in the days of Jesus.

Fishing Sea of Galilee

Casting fishing nets on Sea of Galilee

Fishing Sea of Galilee

Of course, you can eat St. Peter’s fish at a Sea of Galilee restaurant. The fish are freshly grilled and delicious BUT these fish are raised in fish ponds.

The ONLY way to eat St. Peter’s fish direct from the Sea of Galilee is to fish it. Oh, there is ONE restaurant – and only one – where they serve St. Peter’s fish that is directly from the Sea of Galilee. On a Jesus Walked Here Tour, we make sure to take you there.

Fishing Sea of Galilee can only happen in Israel, the Holy Land. A unique experience in a singular place.

wooden boat on the Sea of Galilee

On the Sea of Galilee

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